Praevenio Pharma

Specialized Pharmaceutical Products

Specialized Pharmaceutical Products

Praevenio Pharma produces specialized pharmaceuticals for specific needs, such as gynecological products and regenerative creams for skin and tissue repair and revitalization.

Gynecological Products

Prodotti Ginecologici

Praevenio Pharma specializes in the production of gynecological products with very high tolerability and verifiable efficacy. These unique products  combine medicinal herbs and specific components  to ensure the full satisfaction of the final user.

Regenerating Creams for Skin and Tissues

Regenerating Creams for Skin and Textiles

Our in-depth knowledge of the components and functioning of the dermis allows us to make products with very high efficacy, both for repairing delicate tissues such as the vaginal mucosa and for improving the elasticity of facial skin by mitigating the signs of aging.

Praevenio Pharma | Specialty Products

Gynecological Products and Regenerating Creams

We make unique products by combining medicinal herbs and selected components of the highest quality, working in synergy to ensure real effectiveness, always pursuing full end-user satisfaction.

All of Praevenio Pharma’s gynecological products are classified as Class-3 medical devices by the Italian Institute of Health (ISS), and their effectiveness is confirmed by several official Clinical Studies and Certifications.

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